The traditional sweets of Zakynthos include Mandolato, Fitoura or Fritoura, Pasteli and Mondoles. The recipes have passed down through the generations. Mandolato is nougat made with egg whites, honey, sugar and almonds. Fitoura is made with semolina and is traditionally served on the 24th of August, the day of celebration of St Denis, the island’s patron Saint. Fitoura is fried and then sprinkled with sugar and cinnamon. Pasteli is made with sesame seeds, honey and almonds. Fitoura and pasteli are sold throughout the summer months by stall holders in Zakynthos Town and shops.

Mantolato is produced with egg whites, almonds, very little sugar and a lot of honey. It is consumed all year round.

Mandoles are actually almonds coated with caramelized sugar; their red colour is due to natural food colouring.